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The Travelers Agencies, Inc. is a US insurance company, generally known as Travelers. It is the second-largest writer of US insurance for commercial property and the sixth largest author among independent agents of the US personal insurance. Travelers' company is founded in Minnesota, New York City headquartered and Hartford, Connecticut 's largest office. A wide office in St. Paul, Minnesota is also maintained by travelers. The Dow Jones Global Average has been component since 8 June 2009.

In addition to its activities in UK , Ireland, Singapore , China, Canada and Brazil, this organization has field offices in all U.S. states. In the Fortune 500 2018 ranking, travelers were numbered 106, with a cumulative income of $28.9 billion, among the biggest US businesses.

Traveler sells commercial and personal property insurance products and services to companies , government units, organizations and individuals through its branches and over 14,000 licensed dealers and brokers.

  • Health policy protecting house, automobile and other life insurance policies
  • Company policies offering a wide variety of land and consumer and policies programs in the US
  • Specialty insurance covering equity, crimes and financial obligation firms that mainly make use of credit-based underwriting systems, as well as mainly globally commercialized property and casualty products.

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