Finally, the herbal medicine of coronavirus was found

Finally, the herbal medicine of coronavirus was found.

The outbreak of the Corona virus has spread across the country. Coronavirus has become the latest news in every media, newspaper.

The outbreak of coronavirus in China has now spread to around 26 countries across the country. About 68,000 people have been infected with this corona virus. Already 1548 people have been killed.

The whole country is now thinking about suicide.

You may also be wondering when the coronavirus can spread around you. You can take measures to prevent it from happening at home. Scientists have found the antidote to certain foods even though the Corona virus is not fully cured.

According to the World Health Organization's WHO, if you eat vitamin C rich foods, there is a possibility of getting rid of coronavirus. The corona virus has special immunity in the gastric or gastric.

Because of this, keep the fruit or fruit of your house in your house and look for the tree. It is not possible to get the virus at any moment.

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